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Terrain Cycling

"Healthy Body, Healthy Mind" Week continues with a Year 4 and 5 lesson on bicycle safety and terrain cycling led by Mr Prateek, a professional cyclist and member of the Hanoi Bicycle Collective.

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Happy Halloween!

In the primary school, we had a fun Halloween party with parents and teachers, who also dressed up in fun and scary costumes. The students trick-or-treated and played games for candy prizes, and the high school students carved jack-o-lanterns, which formed the centerpiece of our Halloween lunchtime feast.

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The Madam Visits

Despite the rain, Madam Thái Hương, our school's founder and Chairwoman of TH Group, made a surprise visit to TH School today. We were all very happy to welcome the Madam into our lessons and activities and to have time to speak with an honored member of the TH family.

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The Amazing Race

Boarding students joined together in an extracurricular rendition of The Amazing Race around Hoàn Kiếm Lake in search of "treasure" hidden in the area. Divided into teams with members from grades 6 through 12, each group were given maps and cash and were challenged to solve puzzles that had them explore the area and document their quests.

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Opening Ceremony 2017

This morning, in harmony with students across the whole of Vietnam, the Opening Ceremony of the 2017-2018 academic year took place in a warm, exciting atmosphere with many meaningful activities that reflect core values of Global Thinking and Pride in Vietnam.

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Prom 2017

Marking the end of the first chapter in their journey of TH School, the high school prom was a rosy affair to remember. Set to the theme "La Vie En Rose," the promenade captured the full beauty of a traditional prom gala with guests giving corsages, nibbling on hors d'oeuvres, games and slow dances.

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