Primary Graduation


On 20 June 2019, 22 Grade 5 students had a warm, emotional assembly to mark their Primary School Graduation.

At the ceremony, guests looked back at childhood photos and their journey to this moment, now as strong and independent students. Parents and teachers expressed pride in their childrens' accomplishments and growth.

Đỗ Đặng Hoàng Nguyên (Ben) from 5NR shared that, "TH School is not just a great place to learn. It is also a second home where we can have fun with friends hand-in-hand. And the best thing about it is being together.”

Nguyễn Đăng Khôi from 5N said, "The most important thing is that we take risks and overcome challenges, that we keep trying. And when we make mistakes, we learn and improve, and then we can be successful. At TH School, I get to improve my learning, and this graduation is a big step for me. This is when I get to go to Secondary and be more grown up, like my brother and sister.”

The Grade 5 students stepped forward with poise and confidence to receive their diplomas, and they held hands singing TH School's song with pride.

The Graduation closed a successful school year and marks a new beginning in the students' educational journeys, which at TH School is not only about developing knowledge but also fostering empathy and "true happiness" in service to others. Parents, teachers, and the school community have nurtured students to confidently begin the next level of study in preparation for their futures.

Congratulations to the students who have completed the Primary School program! We wish each and every student continued success.

THChùa Bộc