Mother Tongue Day


On 21 February, TH School students observed International Mother Language Day, a UNESCO initiative to preserve and reinforce native languages and promote the development of diverse languages and cultures.

TH School students and teachers hail from many different countries and celebrated Mother Tongue Day with many interesting activities. Grade 12 students prepared a report on the importance of preserving Vietnamese values and language. Their creative and humorous video report details a series of current issues related to the use of Vietnamese language, including using language with symbols, misspellings, and mixing foreign languages.

Another interesting activity that took place on this day was the exchange program between students from different countries, where they shared and introduced their countries’ languages and cultures. Mother Tongue Day activities provided students opportunities to learn about diverse cultures and more fully appreciate their native languages in a global context. Below, you can view Grade 12’s video report for Mother Tongue Day (in Vietnamese).

THChùa Bộc