Vietnamese Culture Week


Our Kindergarten and Primary students had a very exciting start to the new term with lessons and activities focused on Vietnamese culture. They enjoyed exciting performances of traditional folk songs such as “Trống cơm”, “Con gà gáy le te”, “Ngồi tựa mạn thuyền” and the dance of the Ê-đê ethnic people. In their lessons, they not only had a chance to learn more about Vietnamese cultural dances but also to play traditional instruments.


Our students also learned how to make many popular Vietnamese dishes in their classes. Our KG2 and KG3 students learned how to make bánh trôi, a Vietnamese dessert made of glutinous rice. Grade 1, 2 and 3 students learned how to prepare and wrap tasty Vietnamese spring rolls. And Grade 4 and 5 students learned how to prepare the signature dish in Vietnamese cuisine– Pho Bo, a beef noodle soup. They all had a chance to enjoy the delicious dishes they made.


In Kindergarten, students painted their own designs on traditional Vietnamese conical hats.