Sports Day


We celebrated a fantastic year of sporting achievements so far in Primary PE lessons, after school clubs, house competitions and fixtures with Sports Day, a day of fun sporting activities including Target Throw, Water Relay, and the Ice Cream Race. The students assembled into their House teams (the Red Dragons, Green Turtles, Yellow Qilins, and Blue Phoenix) to compete against the other teams in a series of 'track' and 'field' events.

Students and staff enjoyed watching, cheering, and supporting the teams as they competed. The Green Turtles emerged as the winners of this year's Primary Sports Day, proving that they are as tough as their shells and that longevity, endurance, and persistence are a winning combination.

Thanks to all who attended and supported Sports Day!


Meet the House Teams

The Red Dragons have been fierce so far in their House competitions in Dodgeball and Soccer and have shown some great skills. The Dragon was chosen as one of our House mascots as they represent power, strength and good luck for those that deserve it.

The Green Turtles have been fierce competitors so far challenging all other teams in Basketball and Soccer. They are tough like their shells and show great teamwork. The Turtle was chosen as a mascot as it represents longevity, endurance and persistence.

The Blue Phoenix have strived for greatness in the House competitions and did so well in the paper aeroplane competition. The Phoenix was chosen as one of our House mascots as they rise to the occasion representing life and resilience.

The Yellow Qilins have proved a tough team as they are always motivated and extremely determined. They excelled in both Basketball and Soccer and just missed out on the title to the Dragons. The Qilin represents wisdom, magnificence and teamwork.