TH Machine Contest


As part of STEM Week, students demonstrated their inventiveness in the TH Machine Contest.

Students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 were allocated to groups of 3-6 members to design and assemble a machine with at least 15 components or processes to perform a very simple action. They used recyclable materials and other “junk” collected by the school community, and they also took advantage of existing features in their workspace, including furniture, walls, and laboratory sinks to form their machines. Each group used an iPad to film themselves using their machine, and they later uploaded their videos to Google Classroom for all students, teachers and staff to vote on. The contest was led by Ms. Kimberley Croft, our school Technology Facilitator, with the goal of developing students’ skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), particularly their creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills.


Machine 9: The winning entry of the TH Machine Contest, by students Kiên Thành (G6), Minh Nguyên (G7), Quốc Trung (G8), Ngọc Anh (G6), Gyeong Min (G7), Đức Vinh (G8), Gia Bảo (G6), Seohyeon (G7) and Hiền Anh (G7).

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