Next Stop: Yale


Our students get a ticket to Yale University to attend the World Scholar's Cup Finals

Two teams from TH School passed the World Qualifiers and will compete in the Tournament of Champions, the final round of the World Scholar's Cup, to take place at Yale University in November. The World Scholar's Cup is an international tournament held each year for high school students around the globe. This educational program is aimed at helping students discover individual strengths, promoting cross-cultural exchanges, and providing a forum for discussion of relevant issues and ideas shaping the global community.

Representing Vietnam, 12 TH School students (divided into 4 teams) passed the Regional Qualifier and moved on to the World Qualifiers, held at the Vietnam National Convention Center in Mỹ Đình, Hanoi from June 26th to July 1st. After a week of exciting competition with 500 teams from 40 different countries, TH School's teams won top prizes at the World Qualifiers including 1st in Debate and 2nd in Writing. And two teams earned places at the World Scholar's Cup Finals at Yale this November.

Ngọc Mai at the Global Round of the World Scholar's Cup 2017

Ngọc Mai at the Global Round of the World Scholar's Cup 2017

Ngọc Mai is one of six students in the school who won a place at the 2017 Tournament of Champions. Reflecting on her success at the World Qualifiers, Ngọc said, "In addition to studying, I am very lucky to be involved in many extracurricular activities, summer camps, community projects, and soft skills training programs organized by the school. That's why I entered the competition with a very relaxed, confident spirit."

We commend our students for their impressive performance at the World Qualifiers held in Hanoi and will be rooting for them as they compete at Yale later this year in the Finals.