Facilities Manager - Chùa Bộc Campus


The Facilities Manager is responsible for the management and upkeep of the buildings and grounds to support TH School. The Facilities Manager ensures the buildings and grounds are maintained, serviced and well managed. 

Areas of Responsibility
The Facilities Manager is  involved in both strategic planning and day-to-day operations, particularly in relation to buildings and premises. Likely areas of responsibility include:

  1. building and grounds maintenance
  2. cleaning/maintenance
  3. health and safety
  4. security
  5. procurement and contract management
  6. space management
  7. utilities and communications infrastructure
  • Plan and coordinate all installations and refurbishments
  • Ability to manage teams of maintenance, cleaning and security staff
  • Ability to source and manage subcontractors
  • Manage the upkeep of facilities and equipment as well as managing supplies to meet health and safety standards
  • Inspect buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations
  • Review utilities consumption and strive to minimize costs
  • Supervise all facilities staff (maintenance, facility admin staff) and external contractors
  • Control activities like parking space allocation, waste disposal, building security etc.
  • Handle facility insurance plans and service contract
  • Record facility expenditures, repair records, and cost estimates
  • Perform analysis and forecasting for facility budgeting
  • Other tasks as assigned by Superintendent and Vice-superintendent

Job Specifications

  • Vietnamese citizen
  • Bachelors degree in Facility Management, Engineering, or relevant field

Related Experience

  • Proven experience as facilities manager or relevant position
  • Well-versed in technical/engineering operations and facilities management best practices
  • Excellent technical background including: electrical, plumbing, construction, landscaping, HVAC, maintenance, etc.

Competencies (Knowledge, Skills & Abilities)

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  • Excellent listening and collaborative skills - team player
  • Good analytical/critical thinking
  • The ability to multi-task and prioritise the workload
  • Interpersonal, relationship-building, networking and team working skills
  • IT skills
  • A practical, flexible and innovative approach to work
  • Ability to work outside the working hours

Competencies (Behavioral)

  • Enthusiastic
  • "Can do" mindset