Steward Supervisor - Hòa Lạc Campus


Department: Kitchen
Reporting to: Executive Chef, Chief Steward
Number of direct reports: Stewards

Job Purpose

  • To assist the Chief Steward in charge of the day-to-day steward operation in TH School.

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Helps to direct, control and coordinate the activities of all stewards, engages in cleaning and ensures an efficient, profitable and smooth operation all times.
  2. Assists the Executive Chef and Chief Steward to control costs by minimizing the use of chemical products, water and electric consumption.
  3. Checks the quality and quantity of China, silver and operational equipment.
  4. Is always looking for cost-saving and environmentally friendly ideas.
  5. Operates the outlet at an acceptable operation and staff cost.
  6. Maximizes employee productivity in order to minimize payroll cost.
  7. Monitors all stewarding operating costs and takes corrective action when necessary to reduce expenses.
  8. Assists with annual budgeting for operating equipment and cleaning supplies.
  9. Establishes cleaning schedules for the kitchen, canteen, back-of-house areas and equipment.
  10. Cleans and oversees cleaning of all designated areas.
  11. Carries out monthly operating equipment inventories to establish stock and re-order for equipment, and maintains par stocks.
  12. Ensure that all machines, equipment and utensils are clean and in working condition at all times.
  13. Check all assigned areas with regards to sanitation and hygiene to prevent contamination of any kind.
  14. Ensure that the kitchen is always in a safe condition so as to prevent accidents.
  15. Responsible for the flow of information down the chain of command to the level of assistants.
  16. Assists the Executive Chef and Chief Steward in functions or set-ups.
  17. Maintains good relations with all departments to avoid frictions of any kind.
  18. Maximize employee productivity and morale, whilst consistently maintaining discipline, following school guidelines and local legislation.
  19. Motivate all staff through professionalism, organizational skills and team spirit to perform their duties.
  20. Ensure all staff is in proper uniform, well-groomed and properly disciplined.
  21. Reports all accidents.

Job Specifications

Minimum academic/professional qualifications

  • Vietnamese national
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Minimum 2 years experience working in a 5-star hotel
  • Health and Safety Certificate


Related experience

  • 2 years experience as a supervisor of 10 or more direct reports
  • Must have experience in Inventory Taking, Chemical Usage, Dishwashing Operation, Equipment Knowledge and Preparation

Competencies (knowledge, skills & abilities)

  • Able to identify the different type of glassware, chinaware, and flat wares. Able to prepare equipment based on function sheets.
  • Able to implement work simplification and sanitation; making specific corrections and recommendation necessary for optimum departmental performance.
  • Flexible, Team Oriented, Good Planner, Adaptable.
  • Team spirit and good personal hygiene standards.
  • Knowledge of Word & Excel


Competencies (behavioral)

  • Excellent appearance and presentation
  • Positive can-do attitude
  • Hardworking
  • Self-motivated
  • Strong personality
  • Works well under pressure and able to work long hours if required
  • Multi-tasking