Steward - Hòa Lạc Campus


Department: Kitchen
Reporting to: Executive Chef, Chief Steward, Steward Supervisor


Job Purpose

  • Keep work areas tidy and clean.
  • Minimize breakage and wastage.
  • Maximize productivity.


Areas of Responsibility

  1. Cleans and checks cleaning of all designated areas.
  2. Makes sure that all machines, equipment and utensils are clean and in working condition at all times.
  3. Checks all assigned areas with regards to sanitation and hygiene to prevent contamination of any kind.
  4. Reports any unsafe conditions to prevent accidents.
  5. Maintains good relations with all team members to avoid frictions of any kind.
  6. Maximizes productivity and consistently maintains discipline following school guidelines and local legislation.
  7. Shows motivation, professionalism, skills and team spirit to perform duties.
  8. Wears proper uniform, is well groomed and disciplined.
  9. Reports all accidents, health and safety hazards to the Executive Sous Chef or Steward Supervisor.
  10. To perform any other duties as directed by Management.

Job Specifications

Minimum academic/professional qualifications

  • Vietnamese national
  • 2 years experience working in kitchens, preferably cleaning kitchens
  • Basic English language skills preferred


Related experience

  • At least 6 to 12 months experience in an international 4-star or 5-star hotel or restaurant or similar position
  • Health and Safety Certificate


Competencies (knowledge, skills & abilities)

  • Able to identify the different type of glassware, chinaware, and flat wares. Able to prepare equipment based on function sheets.
  • Team spirit and good personal hygiene standards.


Competencies (behavioral)

  • Positive can-do attitude
  • Hardworking
  • Self-motivated
  • Works well under pressure and able to work long hours if required
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