HR Officer - Hòa Lạc Campus


Department: HR
Reporting to: HR Manager
Number of direct reports: 0
Date of issue: 14/06/2017


Job Purpose

  • Perform HR duties as assigned
  • Support HR Manager in order to ensure HR duties are accomplished effectively


Areas of Responsibility

1. Perform process of recruitment

  • Make purchase and payment requests for job posting on recruitment websites and recruitment agencies
  • Receive approved staff requisition form from requiring departments
  • Form recruitment notice according to attached job description, post on recruitment websites as approved by HR Manager, contact centres, schools and other resources to send recruitment notice
  • Answer candidate’s enquiries about recruitment positions
  • Receive applications, record and send to Head of Department that requires recruitment
  • Prepare list of interviews, make phone calls, send interview invitations to candidate, prepare interview room, candidate’s profiles
  • Send offer letter to qualified candidates according to offer via email from HR Manager, send regret letters to unqualified ones
  • Prepare induction programs for new staff on their first working day
  • Send probation appraisal form to Head of Departments before the end of probation period, make contract for staff that pass probation
  • Send contract appraisals form to Head of Departments before the end of current contract, make contract for staff if continued

2. Record and manage files

  • Record and manage profiles of current staff including hard and soft copies, ensure each staff has a full profile according to HR requirements and School’s requirements, update regularly
  • Record and manage profiles of resigned staff
  • Record and manage applications of candidates, update the candidate database
  • Record and manage HR forms, update, distribute to staff
  • Record and manage labor contracts, contracts with suppliers, official correspondence, decisions, and other important documents

3. Record time sheets

  • Record time sheets for all staff, form timesheets and send to HR Manager to calculate monthly salary
  • Keep track of all staff leave, receive and record application for leave, ensure that staff hand in enough required documents for each leave, record to timesheet
  • Keep track of overtime and days off-in-lieu of staff, receive and record overtime confirmation documents

4. Manage staff resignation

  • Receive and record resignation letter of staff
  • Perform handovers before staff resigns
  • Make decision of resignation for staff
  • Finalize time sheet, salary and other payments for resigned staff, send for signatures and send to Accounting Department

5. Record and claim insurance for staff

  • Notify the increase and decrease in social insurance, medical insurance and other insurances (as company’s policy) when there is a change in human resources (staff passing probation, staff resigning, change of policy)
  • Claim medical insurance for staff in case of sickness, pregnancy,… (including compulsory insurances and health & accident insurance bought for staff from company

6. Training

  • Receive approved training proposal from Departments
  • Register and make payment requests for training programs
  • Book and make payment requests for air tickets, hotel, support in visa application for training participants if required

7. Support expatriates

  • Applying for visa, work permit, residence card for expatriates
  • Support expatriates in accommodation
  • Support new expatriates on their arrival

8. Other duties

  • Make payment requests for payments regarding HR
  • Form decisions, official correspondence, reports and other documents
  • Cover for other HR staff
  • Other duties as required by HR Manager

Job Specifications

Minimum academic/professional qualification

  • Vietnamese national
  • Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor’s degree. HR professional certifications will be a plus

Related experience

  • At least 2 years working experience in the same position

Competencies (knowledge, skills & abilities)

  • Sound understanding and knowledge of Labour Law, HR best practice
  • Good written and verbal communication skills in both English and Vietnamese

Competencies (behavioral)

  • Professional
  • Proactive
  • Flexible
  • Customer-oriented
  • Can-do mindset
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