Head Baker - Hòa Lạc Campus


Department: Kitchen
Reporting to: Executive Chef
Number of direct reports: CDP, Commis

Job Purpose

  • To be in charge of the day-to-day operation of the Pastry and Bakery in TH School

Areas of Responsibility

  1. Help in the preparation and design of all food and drinks menus.
  2. Help to direct, control and coordinate the activities of all chefs and commis, engage in preparing and cooking food, so as to ensure an efficient, profitable and smooth food service at all times.
  3. Develop attractive menus and create standard recipe cards with pictures according to the Executive Chef’s policy.
  4. Develop new dishes and products.
  5. On a daily basis, inspect storerooms, refrigerators and freezers to ensure no wastage.
  6. Assist the Executive Chef to control costs by minimizing spoilage, utilizing food surpluses and portion control.
  7. Check the quality and quantity of food received from the markets and stores.
  8. Is always looking for cost-saving and environmentally friendly ideas.
  9. Maximize employee productivity in order to minimize payroll cost.
  10. Monitor all kitchen operating costs and takes corrective action when necessary to reduce expenses.
  11. Ensure that all food is prepared and served according to the standards set for the bakery and by the Executive Chef.
  12. Cooks and presents pastry and bakery items, and supervises the cooking and presentation of pastry and bakery items.
  13. Coordinates with all outlet chefs in the delivery of all pastry and bakery items.
  14. Ensures standard recipes are used, and pastry and bakery items are presented according to the recipe.
  15. Ensure that all machines, equipment and utensils are clean and in working condition at all times.
  16. Check all assigned areas with regards to sanitation and hygiene to prevent contamination of any kind.
  17. Ensure that the kitchen is always in a safe condition so as to prevent accidents.
  18. Responsible for the flow of information down the chain of command to the level of assistants.
  19. Oversees stewarding requirements in the pastry and bakery.
  20. Maintains good relations with all departments to avoid frictions of any kind.
  21. Assists with organizing special events and special food promotions.
  22. Prepares a selection of rolls and breads, specialty items and bread art.
  23. Cleans the kitchen and equipment and reminds staffs to follow.
  24. Supervise all colleagues engaged in the kitchen together with the Executive Chef.
  25. Attend daily meetings with Executive Chef and all other Senior Chefs regarding updates for the day, and review the list of things to do for 2 days at most thereafter.
  26. Hold meetings with colleagues in each particular kitchen to discuss what has been carried out in the Chef’s meeting along with other issues.
  27. Twice a day, inspect all food stores and refrigerated areas and suggest, where necessary, correct storage methods to comply with Health and Safety regulations.
  28. Check for any spoilage, ensuring regular turnover of food items and inform the Executive Chef.
  29. Check on a daily basis food preparation, individual costs, quality, quantity inventories and portion control.
  30. Conduct training and thorough briefing on the correct usage of kitchen equipment and machinery and to check that this is carried out in the correct manner by all kitchen colleagues.
  31. Ensure the personal hygiene of colleagues is to standard.
  32. Ensure that the daily logbook is utilised and complaints are immediately reported to the Executive Chef.
  33. Ensure that all points mentioned in the log book have been carried out, ie. mis en place and other instructions to complete the operation.
  34. Maintain, record and follow up documentation, checklists for control purposes.
  35. Monitoring of extra hours.
  36. Maximize employee productivity and morale, whilst consistently maintaining discipline, following school guidelines and local legislation.
  37. Motivate all staff through professionalism, organizational skills and team spirit to perform their duties.
  38. Ensure all staff is in proper uniform, well-groomed and properly disciplined.
  39. Reports all accidents and health and safety hazards to the Executive Chef.
  40. Any other duties as may reasonably be requested by the management.

Job Specifications

Minimum academic/professional qualifications

  • Vietnamese national
  • Completed at least a one-year kitchen apprenticeship or chefs training course
  • Health and Safety Certificate


Related experience

  • At least 5 years experience working a 5-star international chain hotel or similar position

Competencies (knowledge, skills & abilities)

  • Good knowledge and understanding of how a pastry kitchen operates
  • Ability to create standard recipes
  • Ability to establish culinary standards
  • Good training skills, leadership skills, team player, and flexible
  • Computer knowledge: Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Competencies (behavioral)

  • Excellent appearance and presentation
  • Positive can-do attitude
  • Hardworking
  • Self-motivated
  • Works well under pressure and able to work long hours if required
  • Multi-tasking
THsupport, head baker, Hòa Lạc