Vietnamese Civics Teacher



The Civil Education Teacher ensures high quality student learning in the subjects of the Vietnamese curriculum taught in the Middle School, and works collaboratively with the international teachers to develop effective dynamic teaching teams.

Nature & Scope of the Position
The Teacher will be responsible to and will report to the Vietnamese Principal and the International Secondary Head. The teacher will work collaboratively with the Leader for Learning Middle and IGCSE and the Head of Languages. The Teacher will contribute to the fulfilment of the mission and vision of the  TH School Board of Management and of the school towards providing excellent international education to all students in the school and Vietnamese curriculum subjects to Vietnamese students. In fulfilling the following responsibilities the Teacher will be bound by any policies produced by the TH School Board of Management and the school. In addition to the responsibilities described here, the Teacher will perform any other duties and provide any other services necessary for the proper operation of the school which may be reasonably required by the Principal and Vietnamese Principal.

The most important responsibility of the Vietnamese Teacher: Middle Years is to work with others to promote and improve the learning of students in the school.


  • Teach Vietnamese curriculum subjects relevant to the needs of Vietnamese students
  • Teach students in a way that enables them to achieve high standards of learning
  • Contribute towards the development of the provision a dynamic, creative international learning environment
  • Work collaboratively with international teachers to enable learning of relevant Vietnamese culture and language by foreign students

Curriculum Planning

  • Work collaboratively with others in the development of the Vietnamese curriculum subjects in the middle years curriculum and contribute to programme planning and implementation in the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC)
  • Provide the Vietnamese Principal with effective and clear teaching and learning plans for classes taught
  • Design and implement policies, systems and procedures for the efficient operation of the school

Assessment, Recording & Reporting

  • Contribute towards the development of assessment policies within the school for Vietnamese curriculum subjects
  • Ensure that student learning in their classes is monitored, appropriately assessed and that the results of such assessment are used to improve and maximise learning
  • Use assessment results for: feedback to students, contributing to further planning for individual, group and class work, contributing to whole-school planning and target setting, producing records for use in school, and porting to parents and other interested parties
  • Involve parents in their children’s learning by keeping them informed about learning activities and communicating with them regularly

Leadership & Management

  • Participate in management and leadership roles delegated by the Vietnamese Principal and General Principal.

Pastoral & Other Activities

  • Promote the general progress and well-being of individual students and any group or class of students assigned to him/her
  • Provide guidance and advice to students on educational and other matters
  • Make records and reports on the personal and social needs of students
  • Communicate and consult with the parents of students in the school
  • Communicate and cooperate, as appropriate, with persons and bodies outside the school
  • Participate in meetings associated with the fulfilment of responsibilities

Review & Development

  • Participate in meetings with the Vietnamese Principal associated with the fulfilment of responsibilities
  • Meet with the Vietnamese Principal to prepare and monitor a Personal Performance and Development Plan
  • Work closely with the international teachers assigned to their classes and use the opportunity to develop their own teaching skills
  • Commit to and actively participate in professional development programs related to the Vietnamese curriculum subjects, the IMYC and the development of skills in written and spoken English


Advise and cooperate with the Vietnamese Principal and other colleagues concerning the acquisition, storage, maintenance and use of educational and other equipment both in the classroom and associated with any particular responsibility

Discipline, Health & Safety

  • Contribute towards the development of an effective behaviour policy
  • Maintain and promote good order and behaviour among the students of the school at all times
  • Safeguard and promote the health and safety of students both on the school premises and when they are taking part in school activities elsewhere

Extracurricular Activities

  • Actively participate in the range of extracurricular activities and programmes that the school will develop outside the regular school day
  • Take part in the other extracurricular commitments including attending official school meetings and functions outside school hours when necessary

Job Requirements

  • Vietnamese citizen
  • Graduate from Faculty of Politic Theory - Civic Education (Hanoi National University of Education)
  • Fluent in English